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Le Veysset
15 190    Condat

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Naturals landscapes to discover...


Le Lac Pavin
Le Lac Pavin

In the east, you can walk accross the Cézallier, huge stripped plateform, of an average altitude of 1200m, in the summer, Salers and Aubrac cows make a grass cure which good smell the clover, wild thyme and gentian, near, youn will discover the peat bogs with their rare and protected flora and fauna.

On the way, you will be astonished to meet an insulated vault, a lake and thousand of other surprises which are awaiting for you...

The Artense
The Cézallier

In the west, Artense, the granite, the water and the forests join together to offer wild landscapes to you.

In north, the solid mass of Sancy, in the south Puy Mary and, further, the Plomb du Cantal, seem to delimit nobody knows which border...

Sports and activities

In the area around Condat, many sporting activities can be practiced. Here is a list (uncomplete) :